RE+ clean energy events (formerly Solar Power Events) examine solar, wind power, energy storage, green hydrogen, EVs, microgrids and more to collectively identify ways to move the clean energy industry forward.

RE+ announces three new co-located clean energy events

RE+ is comprised of Solar Power International, Energy Storage International, RE+ Power (including wind, and hydrogen and fuel cells), and RE+ Infrastructure (electric vehicles and microgrids). At this year’s RE+, taking place next week in Anaheim, RE+ clean energy events , Calif three clean energy groups will be co-locating events to further expand the depth and breadth of what is already an extensive conference and exhibition. RE+ attendees will need to register separately for each of these events. The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE), the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS), and Idaho National Laboratory (INL) will be running parallel events to bring clean energy leaders together to expand business prospects, share best practices, and identify ways to advance the industry. From September 19 to 21, CTE will be hosting the International Zero Emission Bus Conference (ZEB Con), an event they have hosted since 2011, alongside RE+ at the Anaheim Convention Center.

RE+ clean energy events , This event will feature keynote speakers and presentations for those professionals interested in equipping school transit and shuttle bus managers with the necessary tools to electrify their fleets. ZEB Con is designed to bridge the gap between zero-emission vehicles and a zero-emission grid and will focus on the shift to electric vehicles around the globe. Register here. From September 20 to 22, CHS will be co-locating its third Hydrogen Safety Conference with RE+. This conference will bring together representatives from the industry, government, and academia to highlight the safe use of hydrogen in commercial and industrial applications. Register here. On September 22, INL will be hosting Cybersecurity: Securing the Path to Net-Zero. The event will feature cybersecurity and clean energy experts who will discuss key regulatory measures, risk frameworks, and technology pillars that are required to power the clean energy economy safely and reliably. INL will also host sessions that are part of RE+ Tech, geared toward the research, development and academic clean energy audience. The goal of the event is to increase reliability and security in the nation’s energy security and independence at this critical time in American energy history. Registration for this event is available as an add-on for RE+.

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