Africa tech festival 2022, Today marks International Literacy Day, which highlights the basic human right for all people to know how to read and comprehend what they are reading. Despite advances in access to education and changes in attitude, according to UNESCO, there are still more than 771 million people who are deficient in even basic literacy skills.

Africa tech festival 2022 increases digital education content

Ironically, whilst the Covid-19 pandemic brought with it many stresses and strains, it has had numerous benefits for the education sector, including promoting access to learning, in addition to redefining the world of work. Africa tech festival 2022, Educators around the world have been astounded by the success of E-Learning processes and platforms that were hurriedly put in place by education departments, schools, universities, and private education facilities. “Online education has been a thing for many years, but its growth in Africa has been slow not only due to issues of digital infrastructure, line speed, and access to appropriate hardware, but also due to the doubt with which online learning has been viewed, and the lack of digital skills from educators themselves” commented James Williams, Director, Events Connecting Africa Informa Tech, organisers of Africa Tech Festival, which will take place in Cape Town between 7 – 11 November this year.

With so much of the world’s urban spaces being shut down at short notice in the first part of 2020, educators had no option but to sink or swim. While there were undoubtedly plenty of teething problems, perhaps the greatest result of the lockdown was the realisation that ‘online can work’. “Continents like Africa and South America might be behind the curve due to a lack of digital capacity, but on the plus side, Africa tech festival 2022, the speed of development in the sector is enabling both continents to leapfrog to the newer technologies,” observed Williams. “This is important not just because it enables functionality at a level comparable to the ‘First World’, and hence gives a chance to be competitive, but it’s also a massive cost and time advantage because so many of the newer technologies rely less on outdated infrastructure.” For Africa in particular, the potential to bring the biggest names in IT connectivity and telecoms to Cape Town for the annual Africa Tech Festival is a priceless opportunity to discuss, engage and build relationships with those key players.

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