Tesla will build a 164-stall Supercharger station in California, the largest known to date. The project will include stalls that will offer charging for electric vehicles of all brands.

Tesla to Build a 164-Stall Supercharger in California, the Largest Ever Known

Tesla continues to expand its Supercharger network to keep up with ever-increasing demand. In addition, later this year, the manufacturer is likely to open its charging stations for non-Tesla vehicles in the US to further promote EVs. Tesla to Build a 164-Stall Supercharger , As EV adoption has grown, new legislation and funding has been proposed, and one such funding program is the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program Rural Electric Vehicle Charging. Its main goal is to improve access to charging in underserved rural communities in California. One of the conditions for successful receipt of the grant was the presence of at least 50% of the connectors that meet the CCS standard. According to Tesla from Drive Tesla, under this program, Tesla submitted four applications and received the maximum funding for all of them. Tesla projects have been approved for expansion and three of four locations will break the record for the world’s largest Supercharger station. The smallest of these massive charging stations is Baker, built in 2017. Following the upcoming expansion, it will become a 56-stall Supercharger.

Tesla to Build a 164-Stall Supercharger , The Supercharger station in Willows will be a new location and will have an impressive 100 stalls, according to the documents. Barstow already has one of the largest stations in North America and is likely to get another one with 100 stalls. While all of the above Supercharger stations are big, the fourth location for which Tesla got the grant is really stunning in size. The new site will be in Coalinga, which is already home to the 98-stall station at Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant. According to the documents, Tesla has planned 164 stalls there, although the exact location in the city has not been disclosed. While it can be assumed the manufacturer will simply expand the existing site and add 66 stalls to it, some details indicate that everything is not so simple. As with Willows, Tesla has said it is working to finalize the contract for the location. The company Marco points out that there are two conveniently located plots of land in Coalinga that are currently vacant. Both have restaurants, and together they could offer around 160 parking spaces, which is very much in line with Tesla’s prediction for the Supercharger of 164 spaces. In addition, a preliminary application was submitted for both properties in December 2021. The nature of the permit is not clear, but it could be a sign that Tesla is working on a Supercharger there.

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