To celebrate International Literacy Day, TikTok launched #BookTok campaign in Pakistan to reignite the love of reading and encourage its Pakistani users to engage with the growing community of book lovers across the world.

TikTok launches #BookTok to reignite love of reading in Pakistan

TikTok launches #BookTok campaign in Pakistan , #BookTok is the go-to hashtag on TikTok for all content pertaining to books, reading, writing and everything in between said a news release. With book reviews, writing tips, plot reenactments of popular novels, and more, this corner of TikTok encourages and inspires others to enjoy literature in all of its forms. The #BookTok community has been on TikTok since early 2020, but saw an initial boost in content during March of 2020 with the beginning of stay-at-home orders. Users turned to TikTok for entertainment and discovering #BookTok recommendations, helping reignite a passion for reading that has grown through the app, inspiring over 12 million videos and reaching over 75 billion views globally to date. With this campaign now going live in Pakistan, reading enthusiasts here can join the growing global BookTok community and engage with them to share their love for books and literature.

#BookTok will also serve as a hub to celebrate Pakistan’s rich literature and to share poetry, landmark novels, and classic tales from prominent writers and poets in Urdu and other regional languages with TikTok communities across the world. Books have been entertaining the masses for longer than TikTok, but with the launch of the #BookTok campaign, TikTok launches #BookTok , users in Pakistan will be able to combine the classic pleasure of reading with the engaging content found on TikTok. TikTok creators frequently share their love for unique or popular topics, inspiring others to pick up a new hobby or dive deeper into one that was already a part of their lives. Through these shared connections, users elevate and highlight products they love and encourage community growth both on and off TikTok. This will be on full display at the platform launches #BookTok, a TikTok community that’s full of creative individuals that share a common passion for literature. Books are among the oldest forms of entertainment, and, in line with TikTok’s mission to inspire creativity and bring joy, #BookTok has delighted book fans and encouraged others to take a break from watching to enjoy reading. With #BookTok, users in Pakistan will be able to connect and engage with a vibrant literature community on TikTok. #BookTok is just one of several communities of likeminded individuals that the app has fostered leading to a widespread cultural impact off platform.

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