Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development Minister Thoko Didiza has decided Cattle transport ban the movement of cattle.

Cattle transport ban lifted as foot-and-mouth cases ease

The ban was introduced three weeks ago to curb the spread of foot-and-mouth disease, which is among the world’s most infectious animal illnesses. There were exceptions, including if there is a veterinary permit for direct slaughter at registered abattoirs and for slaughter for ritual purposes. Cattle transport ban, Some agriculture bodies said at the time that government should have acted sooner when the cases were first reported and thus prevented a national ban. Others complained that they were not consulted before the country-wide ban was announced suddenly. The decision not to extend the 21-day ban is based on the work done by public and private veterinary services and animal health technicians over the past three weeks, Didiza’s department said in a statement on Thursday. The Eastern, Western and Northern Cape, for example, have not had a single case before and during the 21-day ban. In Gauteng and North West there has been suspected cases around quarantined farms and in Mpumalanga no new cases were picked up in past week.

All movement of cattle must still be accompanied by an undertaking to isolate the animals for at least 28 days before introducing them onto the main herd. In Limpopo, the Free State, and KwaZulu-Natal disease management will continue in areas that still have active cases. Cattle transport ban, Didiza thanked traditional leaders, communities and the police for their assistance in limiting the spread of the disease. Roelie van Reenen, supply chain executive at beef product supplier Beefmaster Group, welcomed the move by government to introduce FMD “hot zones” by establishing disease management areas, saying it would allow for more effective control. The group has been calling for more control in FMD hot-zone areas. “We also welcome the stricter measures pertaining to the movement of animals meant for direct slaughter, and that red cross permits will only be issued for transportation if certain conditions are met,” said Van Reenen. Van Reenen also urged industry to report the illegal movement of animals that did not meet legislative requirements in order to help eradicate the virus.

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