The recent monsoon rainfall and flooding brought Pakistan in devastation and worsened the life of people. Around 33 million people have been affected by the heavy rains and flooding. PCRWR played vital role to facilitate flood victims in Balochistan.

PCRWR played vital role to facilitate flood victims in Balochistan: Dr Ashraf

According to the NDMA more than 500,000 people are living in collective sites, while many more are displaced. More than 1,200 people reported to have died and 4,900 injured. Sindh and Baluchistan remain most affected by extreme monsoon rain fall of 2022.Access to safe drinking water is a significant concern, and communities are increasingly resorting to open defecation, raising the risk of water and sanitation related diseases. Cases of diarrhea and water-borne diseases, respiratory infection, and skin diseases have already been reported. There is a high probability of outbreak of gastroenteritis, cholera, and other waterborne infections. To minimize the risk of these diseases during this difficult time, Chairman, PCRWR has directed to make necessary arrangements for the provision of safe drinking water in the flood affected areas on war footing.

Keeping in view the situation PCRWR in Collaboration of Government of Baluchistan and Unicef Installed Ultra Filtration (UF) plant with capacity of 2000GPD at Lakra, District Lasbella, Baluchistan for the provision of safe drinking water to the flood affectees. Ultra filtration (UF) is a pressure driven barrier to suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, endotoxins and other pathogens to produce water with very high purity and low silt density. The filtration plant installed at Water supply scheme Lakra with the consent of Deputy Commissioner Lasbella and PHED on August 22, 2022. Filtered water 12000-15000 liters on daily basis is provided which is benefiting 1200-1500 people daily basis (10 liter/per person/per day). PCRWR teams chlorinated of drinking water being supplied through water tankers by PHED, Government of Baluchistan and NGOs, IPs of Unicef and private suppliers. The chlorination carried out in tankers at source and monitored free/residual chlorination at consumer end to ensure the proper disinfection. Chlorination carried at Uthal, District Lasbella and Dera Bugti, Baluchistan for the provision of Safe drinking water.

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