Meta also intends to organize exclusive events throughout the Sub-Saharan Africa region to celebrate the “Creators of Tomorrow” campaign.

Meta Launches Creators Of Tomorrow campaign Celebrating Emerging Talent Across Sub-Saharan Africa

Meta today announced the launch of “Creators of Tomorrow” A new campaign that celebrates emerging talent around the world, inspiring a new online content creative movement. The campaign highlights different creators from sub-Saharan Africa, ranging from East Africa to French-speaking West Africa, including South Africa. The selected that are real revelations to their online communities and represent a reference in terms of the use of video formats, technology, and interactive entertainment. This global campaign is the first of its kind. It started in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, but will continue to expand to other countries around the world in the coming months. Meta looks forward to working closely with these creators over the next year as they continue to grow their audiences and turn their passions into professions through Meta technologies. Moon Baz, Head of Creator Partnerships in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, Meta, said “Through this campaign, we aim to shine a light on creators who are innovating their content through tools such as such as Reels and short video content formats, but also those that exploit and explore new content formats such as Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality (AR/VR).

We’re excited to work closely with these creators and are committed to helping them grow their audience, build their businesses, and open up new opportunities for the future as we grow for the metaverse. African creators are using the technologies and applications of Meta, Facebook and Instagram in creative ways to better express themselves and tell the African story to Africans and citizens around the world. Through fashion, comedy, gastronomy, travel, and political exchanges, creators from sub-Saharan Africa have demonstrated, over the years, the cultural contribution of the African continent, thus improving its image throughout the world. Meta also plans to host exclusive events across the Sub-Saharan Africa region to celebrate the campaign where Meta will share the latest campaign news, tips, and Meta technology tools and resources. In Kenya, creators, including some creators from this campaign, will attend an exclusive brunch, which will be trained at Reels. In South Africa, more than 50 creators will participate in a dedicated creators day where workshops and tailor-made trainings will be organized to help them thrive in this rapidly growing digital economy.

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