The Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) will organize a two-day national conference aimed Productivity Enhancement Of Wheat areas in the country.

PARC To Organize 2-day Conference On Productivity Enhancement Of Wheat

The conference titled “Efficient integrated nutrients management technologies for Productivity Enhancement Of Wheat in Pakistan”, will be held in collaboration with the National Agriculture Research Center from September 6-7. The other objectives of the conference is to maintain food safety and security, besides conservation of natural resources, including water, soil and fertility of the land with adaption of modern and innovative cultivation and irrigation technologies and making the local agriculture produces more competitive and sustainable. Besides the research scientists and agriculture experts, the event will be attended by the senior officials from the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, and PARC.

Productivity Enhancement Of Wheat, The representatives of national and international organizations, research and development partners, progressive growers from all across the country will share their expertise to promote and enhance the productivity of major cash crop of the country. Incharge Wheat Enhancement Project Dr Sikandar Shaheen , in a statement, said the government had evolved a strategy to enhance per-acre output of all major crops including wheat, rice, sugarcane, maize and cotton. He said in order to enhance the wheat produce, the NARC was tasked to develop new high-yielding, climate tolerant seed varieties to enhance per-acre output of the commodity to tackle with the growing demand of wheat and its by products. Under the project, he said, the government had provided 350 metric tons of wheat seeds. Some 15 training programmes were also conducted in the four provinces, including Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir to train about 1,500 farmers, while over 2,000 more would be trained during next season to achieve higher wheat production.

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