According to Chinese media reports, the space nuclear reactor has passed a comprehensive evaluation of its performance.

China has created a space nuclear reactor capable of powering 10 ISS

China has created a nuclear reactor that can produce 1 megawatt of power to support spacecraft systems and propulsion in space. According to Chinese media reports, this development has been evaluated by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, writes Space. space nuclear reactor, American experts learned about China’s new technological development from messages that hit the Web. But they were quickly deleted, leaving only cached data and archived versions. It is known that scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have created a nuclear reactor for use in space missions that can produce 1 megawatt of energy. The Ministry of Science and Technology of China has already tested its effectiveness. But Chinese media reports do not provide any technical details, nor do they say exactly where this nuclear reactor will be used. American experts say that 1 megawatt of energy is enough to power 10 orbital stations such as ISS. It is known that this space station consumes no more than 120 kilowatts of electricity.

Last year, space nuclear reactor, American scientists said that the United States needs to accelerate the development of spacecraft and spacecraft with nuclear engines, so that the country can get ahead of China in this. Focus already wrote that NASA plans to create a nuclear power system on the Moon, which will provide energy for the future lunar base. As for China, this country already has a successful experience in using nuclear energy in space vehicles. For example, the Chang’e-3 lander, which is on the moon, uses a plutonium-powered nuclear generator. This allows the device to survive the cold two-week lunar night. As for the Moon, NASA is very hopeful that the launch of the SLS launch vehicle, which will send a spacecraft to the Moon, will still take place on Saturday, September 3, as Focus already wrote. We remind you that the US Department of Defense is very concerned about the development of space weapons, which is being carried out in China and Russia. There will even be a special meeting of Pentagon leaders on this occasion.

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