Chinese artificial intelligence pioneer UBTech unveils intelligent healthcare strategy with a string of new products and strategic cooperation agreements with companies such as Medical Care Service Company Inc, which is better known as MCS, from Japan.

UBTech unveils intelligent healthcare robots and solutions for senior citizens

The move is part of the Shenzhen-based company’s broader push to leverage cutting-edge digital technology to better serve China’s growing number of senior citizens. Tan Huan, co-chief technology officer of UBTech, said the company is developing and integrating AI, robotics and other high technological approaches to improve the quality of life for senior citizens. At the launch event, UBTech revealed new services and robotics products for healthcare and elderly care. UBTech unveils intelligent healthcare, The new services include active interaction and companionship, autonomous navigation for uninterrupted and automated door-to-door care providers, the continuous monitoring of personal and environmental safety, precise evaluations, intervention plans, and rehabilitation exercises for people with the cognitive, psychological and physical disabilities.

In addition, UBTech unveils intelligent healthcare, UBTech announced key strategic collaboration agreements with China Merchants Health Care and China Academy of Transportation Sciences Group in smart elderly care. UBTech will establish a joint venture with MCS in China this month. Takahashi Seiichi, founder of MCS, said in a speech via video that “Through cooperation with UBTech Robotics, we hope to combine the latest AI technology, intelligent robots and other products to transform the Chinese market”. He said 23 years ago, he started his first retirement facility in Japan. Today, the company operates a total of 322 healthcare facilities, including nursing homes and dementia treatment centers. Seven years ago, the company opened a nursing home in Nantong, Jiangsu province, and subsequently launched new elderly care projects in other cities.

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