Twitter Is Testing Out Some Exciting New Features , Popular social networking app Twitter is undergoing tests for some new features and we thought to bring the news to our readers too.

Twitter Is Testing Out Some Exciting New Features Including Tweet Tiles And New Link Preview Designs

Twitter Is Testing Out Some Exciting New Features , For starters, Twitter is working on Tweet Tiles. This is the name given to an ongoing experiment that’s only available to a small number of people with iOS and on the web.The feature appears to be an innovative functionality that can put together customizable formats on a particular tweet. As of now, only a selected few members with iOS and on the web will be taking part in the internal test. But if things do go according to plan, we could see it roll out to the rest soon. Twitter Tiles include various elements like text, graphics, videos, and even little details like buttons from those involved in the group of initial testers. All of these formats are said to be created to help users engage more with content. At the same time, the platform wants users to make their timelines so much more interesting. Perhaps by adding dynamic features or by including visual elements for a striking appearance. Twitter says that whenever someone in their test group puts up a Tweet Tile, users on the web and those having iOS, that happen to be a part of the experiment, will see the tiles posted on their Home timelines too.

Twitter Is Testing Out Some Exciting New Features , Similar to the app’s Tweet Cards functionality, Tweet Tiles appear automatically whenever someone puts up a URL. However, the company adds that not every follower can see the Tweet Tiles on an automatic basis. Also if users Retweet a certain tweet or go about sharing the Tweet Tile’s URL, many can’t see it. The company’s internal development team says the feature is currently in the testing phase so it’s going to be a while before it’s actually rolled out to the masses. Hence, for now, stay tuned for more updates from Twitter’s side and we’ll also keep you posted. On the other hand, the app is busy testing out some new designs for link previews across tweets, as spotted by Jane Manchun Wong. The company showcased an example of what users can expect by putting their newly designed summary card on display. It even featured a large image that’s curated specifically for all types of news publishers. Now, the latter can stylize their link previews across a tweet too. We can only imagine how much this will be adored by many but there’s a question if the app would still prioritize image and video Tweets over these link Tweets on users’ Timelines.

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