World NEV Congress, New energy vehicle (NEV) makers participating in the ongoing 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Congress are showcasing their most innovative ideas and products to demonstrate how people’s future transport needs can be met in a greener and more efficient way.

Innovative, green transport solutions showcased at World NEV Congress

World NEV Congress,, The three-day event kicked off on Friday in Beijing and China’s southern province of Hainan with both online and offline activities. A driverless minibus with a maximum driving range of 400 kilometers is grabbing attention from visitors with its space capsule-like outlook and steering wheel-free console. Passengers can take their seats and interact with the driverless vehicle via an on-board AI voice system. Fast battery-changing technology appears to be dominating the exhibition, and is poised to resolve three headaches for EV owners: endurance mileage, inconvenience in battery change and high cost of swapping batteries. Insiders say the modes of EV battery swapping and battery charging will work together to facilitate access to the charging network in the days ahead.

World NEV Congress,, “Changing the battery is fast. Replacing a single battery takes little more than one minute, and two batteries just over three minutes. It’s a time-saving approach. Plus, you can rent EV batteries depending on the actual demand, either one battery or two. There will be more options available to us,” said Peng Zhenjun, an EV charging service provider. The technology exhibition takes place across an area of 13,000 square meters, and features displays of core technologies and products from over 40 companies including those of NEVs, power batteries, drive motors, hydrogen fuel cells, car chips, and energy supply and supporting facilities. Twenty-four forums and symposiums will be held throughout the event to share experiences and discuss innovation trends in the sector, looking to find new paths of its development. Roadshows and public education activities will also be organized on the sidelines of the conference.

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