China-Finland joint project , The 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services will kick off in Beijing on August 31st. We have a series of stories lined up on China’s latest developments in various service sectors. In today’s episode, our reporter Cao Chufeng visits the first joint demonstration energy project by China and Finland.

Energy Cooperation China-Finland joint project aims to help lower carbon emissions

China-Finland joint project , The Guangzhou Nansha “Multiple in One” Micro-Energy Demonstration project uses leading technologies that enable clean energy production and more efficient use of energy. LI TAO Project Manager, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, Guangdong Power Grid, Co., Ltd. CSG “Beneath us is China’s first Bedrock Thermal Energy Storage. The system has 170 U shaped pipes like this. It can store excessive heat in the underground, and we would able to use the heat during winter.” “Here is a 60-Kilowatt solid oxide fuel cell. It can generate both heat and electricity with high efficiency. And it can work using different types of fuel, such as natural gas, biogas and hydrogen.” “This is a Solar Thermal System. The efficiency of the plates is very high compared with other similar equipment. The system’s heat generating efficiency reaches 52%.”

China-Finland joint project , It is the first energy demonstration project implemented based on a Memorandum of Understanding signed between China and Finland in 2017. And its main purpose is to provide a replicable model to help reduce carbon emissions. ALEX LIU Senior Advisor, Business Finland “The project is based on efficient use of clean energy. And it can generate both heat and electricity at the same time, which maximizes the efficiency of energy generation. If we extend the technology of this project to 20% of the medium-size industrial parks in Guangzhou, we estimate that it can reduce carbon emissions by 40-thousand tons per year.” The MoU signed between Finland and China will set the path for a long-term collaboration in the energy sector. And one Finnish official says Finland is willing to work with China, both because of economic benefits and the responsibility to protect the environment. MARKO TIESMAKI Commercial Counselor, Embassy of Finland in Beijing “We want to make sure Finish company will get their share of the growing China market, that’s obvious, that’s the business reason. But there is also a genuine willingness to make sure we can jointly fight the climate change. As we know climate change is a very global phenomenon, it has to be fought globally.” CAO CHUFENG Guangzhou “More cooperation between China and Finland in the energy sector is expected under this memo. Earlier this year, the candidate list for a second batch of demonstration projects was already announced by China’s National Energy Administration.

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