Punjab’s First Ever Gynae Training Center Inaugurated, Punjab’s Minister for Health, Dr. Yasmin Rashid, inaugurated the province’s first gynecology training center on Monday, accompanied by the World Health Organization (WHO) Country Head, Dr. Palitha Mahipala.

Punjab’s First Ever Gynae Training Center Inaugurated

First Ever Gynae Training Center , The training center was opened in the Gynecology Department of Services Hospital Lahore (SHL), and the ceremony was attended by Medical Superintendent (MS) SHL, Dr. Ehtishamul Haq; the Principal of the Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS), Prof Dr. Farooq Afzal; Dr. Tayyaba Wasim; Dr. Rubina Sohail; Dr. Jamshed from the WHO, and other SHL faculty members. Dr. Wasim and Dr. Sohail gave a briefing about the details of the training center at the inauguration ceremony. Dr. Rashid explained that the training institute will provide the doctors and midwives with advanced training in mother and child hospitals in Punjab. “We are the signatories of reducing maternal and child mortality rates in sustainable development goals. The establishment of a unique training center is definitely historic development,”

First Ever Gynae Training Center , She revealed that the government is taking measures to ensure the health of mothers and children in the province, and declared that Mother and child hospitals are being constructed in Punjab as per former PM Imran Khan’s Vision. “Before today, no government has thought about mother and child hospitals. The process of delivery at home put the life of the mother and her child at great risk,” she added. Minister Rashid detailed that over 1,300 basic health units in Punjab are now operational around the clock while being equipped with midwives. Furthermore, 480 dedicated ambulances for the health of mothers and children in the province have been made available as well. She remarked that the WHO has always helped to improve public health, and that immediate steps to ensure the health of the mother and child must be taken into consideration of the growing population. Minister Yasmin concluded by expressing gratitude to Dr. Mahipala for his visit. Dr. Palitha stated on this occasion that WHO has always worked with Punjab to enhance the health care services for the people, and that the new gynaecology training center would play a key role in training doctors and midwives in government hospitals.

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