Prof Dr. Arabella Bhutto’s LCI recognized by National Science Foundation (NSF), US , Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Arabella Bhutto for being recognized by National Science Foundation (NSF).

Prof Dr. Arabella Bhuttos LCI recognized by National Science Foundation (NSF), US

Prof. Dr. Arabella Bhutto is a Professor of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), a visiting teacher and a collaborator on a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project at University of Utah (UoU), US. She has PhD degree from Nottingham University Business School (NUBS), UK and Postdoc from University of Utah, US. During her postdoc she developed an academic tool named Lean Canvas for Invention (LCI) and its associated training guide for the STEM graduates, academic inventors and entrepreneurs. Through LCI the STEM graduates and academic inventors are guided to pursue their research for inventing technologies having great potential for product development, innovation, and commercialization. Prof. Dr. Arabella Bhutto with her supervisor Prof. Dr. Cynthia Furse, UoU has submitted a proposal for a funded project, the Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE), National Science Foundation, US. NSF has funded the project for three years and teaching of LCI has initiated from spring semester 2022 at UoU. Dr. Bhutto has virtually taught the LCI course to the STEM graduates at UoU and is teaching again in fall semester 2022.

After successful completion of spring semester 2022, Prof. Dr. Cynthia Furse has sent a letter of appreciation to the Vice Chancellor, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Prof. Dr. Tauha Hussain Ali in recognition of her fabulous experience of working with Dr. Bhutto. She expressed her gratefulness and endorsed extreme benefits of this collaboration. Along with teaching at UoU, Dr. Bhutto is also teaching LCI at MUET and other Universities in Pakistan. She has developed learning resources and initiated her YouTube channel to teach LCI to the larger number academic inventors and entrepreneurs. At international level the LCI is getting recognition through the NSF project and at the National Level, Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) has recognized it in the National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (NSTIP) 2021. According to Prof. Dr. Arabella Bhutto, “STI and entrepreneurial ecosystem is a proven foundation for socioeconomic development and the Lean Canvas for Invention course is exactly designed to build an attitude of innovation and entrepreneurship in STEM graduates. The LCI learning process revolves around 11 components, 11 checklists and 25 templates for hand-on activities which the STEM graduates, academic inventors and entrepreneurs learn and enjoy at the same time. I enjoy teaching LCI at MUET, UoU and other Universities and intending to make it a global curricula soon.”

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