Shan Shares, the CSR identity of Shan Foods, has partnered with Saylani Welfare International Trust (SWIT), a leading NGO in Pakistan focused on feeding the poor and homeless, in order to support and create awareness about the victims of the recent floods in Balochistan.

Shan Shares partners with Saylani Welfare Trust to support flood victims in Balochistan

This year’s monsoon rains wreaked havoc throughout Pakistan, especially in Balochistan. Hundreds have died while thousands have been left stranded without any basic amenities due to the ongoing rains and floods. In these tough times, Shan Shares, in partnership with SWIT, will sponsor medical for a total of 4000 individuals as well as provide ration to 500 families under Saylani’s Balochistan Rescue Program. Maria Rashdi, Head of Corporate Communications and PR Shan Foods, while expressing her solidarity with flood victims, said, “The situation in Balochistan is deeply regrettable and one that requires immediate attention and support from organizations and individuals alike. Shan Sharesnhopes that our contribution towards this cause along with Saylani Welfare Trust will help those in need and prays that the victims soon find relief from their suffering.” Maulana Muhammad Bashir Farooq, Founder and Chairman Saylani Welfare International Trust (SWIT) also expressed his grievances on the situation and said, “The people in Balochistan are\ suffering from unimaginable adversities. The victims are in need of immediate medical attention along with food and shelter. Through this program and support from entities like Shan Shares we aim to help the people in distress and work to improve their situation.”

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