Agricultural experts have advised farmers to prepare their land for cultivation of sugarcane crop during the month of September.

According to a spokesman for the Agriculture Department, September is most suitable month for cultivation of sugarcane crop. He said that farmers should choose fertile land and plough it properly before cultivation. He said that minimum distance between sugarcane rows should be four feet, whereas sugarcane seed should be sown in 10 to 12 inch depth in the earth. Growers should also use approved varieties of sugarcane including CPF-237, CPF-243, CPF-246, CPF-247, SHF-240, HSF-242, CP-77-400, CP-72-2086 and CP-433-33, because these varieties not only had proper resistance against diseases but also give maximum production. The field staff of Agriculture Department was also activated to convince, guide and help farmers for sugarcane cultivation during September while more information in this regard could be obtained from nearest agriculture office,

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