Tesla has begun installing Superchargers in the USA specific for vehicles that are towing. Large parking spaces are also ideal for charging the massive Cybertruck.

Tesla Has Begun Installing Superchargers for Vehicles that Are Towing, Will Also Fit Cybertruck

The USA is a large country with many stunning and unique cities, as well as compelling and dizzying natural scenery. Seeing the water cascades of Niagara Falls, walking the steep slopes of the Grand Canyon, wandering through Sequoia Park, and visiting many other places is the dream of many people. An electric car, such as Tesla, is an extremely convenient vehicle for such mind-blowing journeys, as it is pollution-free, brings luxury comfort, and saves hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in charging costs during a trip. While the capacity of a car can be enough to travel to various cities, traveling to natural attractions can often require a trailer in which you can sleep or transport things for an overnight stay in the open. Charging a Tesla car that is towing is sometimes not the most pleasant experience. On an unloaded Superchargers, owners usually park horizontally in the stalls, occupying about 4 parking spaces. However, at busier charging stations, such charging is not possible. Usually, owners have to unhook their trailer and leave it in a parking lot, not far away, and only after that, ride to the Superchargers to charge. Obviously, this takes extra time, which may not be critical with proper planning, but still, it is a waste of time.

It appears that Tesla has decided to elevate the driving experience for its customers as it has begun installing Superchargers designed specifically for towing vehicles. On Saturday, u/SjvTesla/Reddit shared that a new charging station in Santa Nella, California, contains some particularly large parking spaces in addition to standard parking spaces. The photo shows that this space can fit at least two ordinary Tesla cars standing one after another, and there will still be additional space. In addition, parking spaces are much wider than standard ones.Such parking spaces also will be ideal for Cybertruck, which will appear on the roads as early as the second half of 2023. They are quite long and wide, so charging at a big parking space will be extremely convenient for the owners. In addition to the Supercharger in Santa Nella, there is at least one more that is already known. Early this year, Tesla owners noticed unusually large parking spaces at Morongo Casino Supercharger, in Cabazon, California. Clearly, Tesla is gearing up for the wider adoption of electric vehicles. With EVs able to provide longer driving ranges, worries about it are already taking a backseat, and a wide charging infrastructure brings peace of mind. That is why electric vehicles will increasingly be used where consumers used to prefer gasoline cars.

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