Agriculture Department issued a set of guidelines to farmers advising them to ensure cotton picking sans any contamination to get a good price from the market.

Agriculture Dept. Stresses Clean Cotton Picking For Handsome Price

Quality of cotton depends a lot on its picking, said Assistant Director Agriculture Abdul Samad, in a release issued here. Farmers should adopt measures to keep cotton contamination-free at all stages from picking to storage and transportation. He said that farmers should begin picking cotton only when 50 per cent of the bolls were open in a field. Similarly, picking should be done after 10 am so that there would be no dew or moisture in the cotton flower. Moist cotton must not be plucked from boll as it gets hot inside storage facilities, changes colour, affects germination strength of the seed and leaves it unable to deliver oil, he added.

Bolls that are not fully opened or half opened should not be picked and picking should start from the bottom of the plant to minimize chances of mixing of contamination like leaf. The cotton flower that fell on the ground must not be mixed in the clean picked cotton to avoid damage to its quality, he noted. The cotton obtained from pest-affected bolls should be kept separately to avoid compromising quality of the overall cotton production of any farmer. Moreover, cotton collected from the last picking should also be kept separately as its fiber strength is comparatively low and its seed can hardly be used for sowing. Heads should remain covered during the picking and both hands should be used during the process. After collection, cotton should be placed at a dry place on a cotton cloth outside the field and should be covered.

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