Medical Workers’ Day, in China. A law took effect on March 1, stipulating the day as Doctors’ Day. The law guarantees the protection of the lawful rights and interests of physicians.

China's Doctors' Day: How technology helps doctors and patients

CGTN Digital talked with several doctors at Peking University Cancer Hospital about how technology helps them in cancer surgery and daily practice and the importance of promoting new technology in medicine. Ji Jiafu, chief of surgery and director of the gastrointestinal cancer center at the hospital, has been engaged in clinical and scientific research of gastric cancer surgery for 40 years. He promoted the standardization of gastric cancer surgery in China and established a new comprehensive treatment model. He performed the hospital’s first robotic surgery in 2015. From Ji’s perspective, robots are changing how surgeries are performed. He cautioned, however, that people should not limit themselves to new technology, as open and laparoscopic surgeries are also options in operating theaters. The key point regarding medical technology is how to use it to serve the patients. Therefore, several questions should be taken into consideration – whether the treatment will cause less pain, whether patients can afford it, and whether it is safe for patients.

Peking University Cancer Hospital launched its internet hospital in June 2020. It is part of smart healthcare, playing an important role in serving patients. As of August 15, 2022, a total of 180,000 patients have undergone online diagnoses and treatment, half of which were from outside Beijing. Wang Xiaodong, deputy director of the interventional oncology department, told CGTN Digital, “The treatment of cancer patients is continuous. If the patient can’t arrive at the hospital, overall treatment will be affected.” “Online treatment accounts for 12 percent of our total outpatient volume. It means about 7,000 people do not need to come to the hospital every month,” said Heng Fanxiu, director of the information technology services department. Heng said the online hospital not only provides convenience to patients, but also reduces the pressure of epidemic prevention and control. A total of 880 million yuan (around $129 million) has been saved for patients due to the online hospital, officials say. Online diagnosis, examinations and drug delivery have become routine for patients in the hospital. With professional advancement among medical workers, China’s medical technology and service levels have improved rapidly, according to the country’s National Health Commission. “China can provide advanced medical technology, some of which is world-leading with independent innovation,” Jiao Yahui, head of the Bureau of the Medical Administration, told China Media Group. Jiao added that with the development of internet and multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment, medical services are more accessible and convenient.The number of practicing physicians and practicing assistant physicians in China hit 4.29 million at the end of 2021, according to the health regulator.

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