Nine years after its initial reveal, Dead Island 2 will release on February 3, according to a listing for the PS4 version on Amazon.

Dead Island 2 is alive and coming in February

That’s naturally subject to change and could just be placeholder this being Dead Island 2, I wouldn’t be surprised but it does line up with recent hints by Embracer Group’s CEO that the open world zombie game will be released in the company’s 2023 fiscal year. The Amazon listing(opens in new tab) reiterates some of the points we’ve known about the game during its long stint in development hell. It’s set in a version of Los Angeles “stained with horror”, which means you’ll get to bludgeon zombies in “the verdant suburbia of Beverly Hills” and “the quirky promenade of Venice Beach”. Combat is “visceral and gory”, naturally, and there will be “dozens” of different kinds of zombie to eviscerate, all with an LA theme, of course. It’s been confirmed since 2014 that Dead Island 2 will have at least four playable characters, but the Amazon listing bumps that up to six. “You can fully customize the abilities of each Slayer, with our brand-new skill system allowing you to re-spec instantly and try out the craziest builds,”

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