China’s Tibet Autonomous Region is facing mounting pressure, as the number of new COVID infections keeps growing. Authorities have set up several makeshift hospitals to cater to the demand for care, whilst efforts are being made to help tourists depart safely.

Coronavirus Pandemic Tibet sets up three makeshift hospitals, accelerates mass testing

Coronavirus Pandemic, Three makeshift hospitals have been set up across Tibet, in Lhasa, Shigatse and Chamdo. They are receiving people with no symptoms or mild symptoms. Lhasa’s 2,000-bed hospital is in a stadium, where traditional Tibetan medicine therapy is also applied. The doctors here treat me very well. I’m really grateful.” And in Lhasa, prevention and control work continues, which involves continuously disinfecting some of the city’s most public areas. TASHI GYATSO Worker, Borui Sanitation Company of Lhasa Coronavirus Pandemic, “We haven’t taken one day off since the outbreak started. We’ve been disinfecting the main streets day and night. I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible.” All virus-hit cities continue to push ahead with mass PCR testing to screen out all potential infections. ZHANG SHENGCHUAN Government Official, Lhasa “We’ve set ‘green channels’ for seniors, children, sick people and pregnant women at each testing site in our community. Now we still face a severe situation and difficult tasks, so we can’t slack off a bit, and we grassroots officials will play a more active role.” Meanwhile, the region is facilitating the departure for all stranded tourists. Starting Wednesday, all passengers need to receive an antigen test at the airports, train or bus stations before they leave.

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