China’s self-developed third-generation nuclear power unit Hualong-1 has entered the quantity production phase. It came after the unit’s first commercial operation in January last year. Our reporter Zheng Yibing reports from a construction site.

Nuclear Energy: Chinas Hualong-1 power units enter quantity production

This is Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant in China’s southern island province of Hainan. It provides almost 30 percent of the energy for the island. And a power unit using China’s advanced Hualong-1 technology is under construction for the long-term electricity plan of the province. ZHENG YIBING Changjiang, Hainan Province “Now, an important part of this power unit is being hoisted to its position. And this marks a big step of the construction phase of this third-generation reactor here.” ZHANG DAQIAN Senior engineer, China Nuclear Industry 22nd Construction Company “More than 9,000 workers and 1,000 management staff are working at the site. We hope this new unit at Changjiang power plant could get connected to the grid as soon as possible.”

The construction project in Changjiang is proceeding smoothly using the experiences gained at the demonstration project of Hualong-1. ZHENG YIBING Changjiang, Hainan Province “The big one is the dome for the power unit. According to the constructors here, it will be installed next year.” The third generation Hualong-1 technology adopts multiple new safety measures to prevent accidents. But what impressed me the most is that Chinese engineers have already adopted 86 optimization schemes to improve demonstration projects. CHEN JIANXIN Chief engineer, Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant “For example, we will use the thermal plasma technology to incinerate wastes like protective equipment. The volume of the waste can shrink down by more than 50 times. If there are 200 tons of such wastes, we could save more than ten million yuan.” The chief engineer says the power unit will focus more on passive safety measures and make them simpler to use. After the commercial operation of the first demonstration projects in China and Pakistan, the Hualong-1 units have entered the quantity production phase. Project managers say the safe and comprehensive use of green energies like nuclear, wind and photovoltaic powers, will help achieve the carbon neutrality goals and better protect the environment.

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