New fossil galaxy discovery could answer important questions about the history of the universe.

Galactic Archeologists Discover “Fossil” of One of the First Ever Galaxies

An ultra-faint dwarf galaxy, thought to be a “fossil” of one of the first ever galaxies, has been discovered by galactic archeologists at the University of Surrey in the UK. The fossil was uncovered via a systematic visual search of legacy survey images using the Mayall 4-meter telescope, led by Dr. David Martinez Delgado. It could teach astrophysicists about how galaxies form and confirm their understanding of cosmology and dark matter. Dr. Michelle Collins, an astronomer at the University of Surrey and lead author of the paper announcing this discovery said: “We have found a new, extremely faint galaxy whose stars formed very early in the history of the Universe. This discovery marks the first time a galaxy this faint has been found around Andromeda using an astronomical survey that wasn’t specifically designed for the task.”

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