It’s a rare day in Video Game Land when fans ask for a bunch of stuff from a live service game and then…actually get it. But that’s exactly what happened today, when developer 343 Industries rolled out a ton of community-requested features to Halo Infinite, its free-to-play multiplayer shooter.

Halo Infinite Just Got Its Biggest Update Of The Summer

Halo Infinite, first released last year, has had a bit of a rocky life cycle. As with many free-to-play shooters, Halo Infinite is based on a seasonal model. Initially planned to last three months, the seasons have so far operated on six-month cycles. (We’re partway through the second season, which is set to run until early November.) Fans say this has left the shooter starved of essential content like maps, modes, and cosmetics—preventing it from feeling as fresh as it could be. The shooter is also structured around a rollout of weekly challenges. Completing your challenges nets you XP, which levels up your battle pass, giving you new cosmetic options with each level. Previously, you could only check on your active challenges while idling in the lobby between matches. Following today’s update, you can see them in the middle of a match. There’s a catch, though Challenges don’t track progress in real time, so you won’t actually know if you landed those five headshots or whatever until the match is over.

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