According to a recent report in The Space Review, Russia is building a new ground-based laser facility for interfering with satellites orbiting overhead. The basic idea is simple: flooding the optical sensors of other nations’ spy satellites with laser light to dazzle them.

Russians Building a Satellite-Blinding Laser – An Expert Explains the Ominous Technology

Satellite-Blinding Laser ,Laser technology has evolved to the point where this type of anti-satellite defense is definitely plausible. However, there is limited evidence of any nation successfully testing such a laser. If the Russian government is able to build it, lasers like this would be capable of shielding a large part of the country from the view of satellites with optical sensors. Worse, the technology also sets the stage for the more ominous possibility of laser weapons that can permanently disable satellite

Satellite-Blinding Laser , A laser is a device for creating a narrow beam of directed energy. The first laser was developed in 1960. Since that time, there have been several types created that use different physical mechanisms to generate photons, or particles of light. In gas lasers, large amounts of energy are pumped into specific molecules such as carbon dioxide. Chemical lasers are powered by specific chemical reactions that release energy. Solid-state lasers use customized crystalline materials to convert electrical energy into photons. In all lasers, the photons are subsequently amplified by passing them through a special type of material called the gain medium and then focused into a coherent beam by a beam director.

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