Rawalpindi-Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) on the directives of Director General is making efforts to raise awareness against dengue.

RDA Making Efforts To Raise Awareness Against Dengue

According to RDA spokesman, a walk on dengue control and prevention was organized with an aim to raise awareness against the disease. The DG has urged the RDA staff members to ensure cleanliness of the office and their homes. He said awareness played a key role in the fight against dengue because prevention was far better than cure. He stressed the need for collective as well as individual efforts along with collaboration of all the stakeholders for the awareness, implementation and control of any epidemic. He also highlighted ways to control various developmental stages of dengue from its eggs to larva and full grown mosquitoes. He advised the citizens to remove stagnant water so that dengue larvae could be prevented. On severe violations, strict action in accordance with the law was being taken against the violators and FIRs are also being lodged, he added. He informed that the authority would continue its efforts against dengue. Later, the pamphlets were also distributed among the citizens on Murree road

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