Rwanda is set to conduct the fifth Population and Housing Census from Aug. 16 to 30, a government official said Thursday.

Rwanda to conduct fresh population census on Aug. 16-30

All required preparations have been put in place for a seamless census, Venant Habarugira, director of Censuses Department, at the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR), told Xinhua. “Various census technical and administrative structures have been put in place to ensure a successful census operation,” he said. “The census will enable us to know the actual number of people residing in Rwanda, the dwelling structure and materials owned by the households, as well as to analyze the social and economic situation of the population,” Habarugira said.

The census will also indicate population growth in the country, including fertility, mortality and migration, he said. The census data will help the government to improve planning and resource distribution, among others, Habarugira said. The NISR is engaged in an awareness campaign to ensure public participation in the census, he said. Provisional census data will be announced in December and final results will be out in December 2023, according to the NISR. Rwanda conducts a population census every 10 years. The last one was held in August 2012

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