The National Mine Safety Administration this year has given green light to 147 new coal mines so far, increasing the country’s annul coal production capacity by 180 million metric tons.

Mine safety body strives to unleash coal production potential

“On the premise of ensuring safety, the administration has made accelerated efforts to unleash coal production capacity,” said Wang Wansheng, an official with the administration at a news conference on Friday. He said the administration has not only simplified procedures but also shortened the time for examination and approval for the launch of new coal mines as it endeavors to secure an adequate supply. In 2021, 207 new coal mines with a total annual capacity of 310 million metric tons were greenlighted, he added. Wang vowed consistent efforts from the administration to further increase coal production capacity.

For those coal mines that cannot be launched or go into full operation due to government procedures related to land use, mining rights and environmental protection, the administration will offer its support to help them start operation at full capacity as soon as possible, he said. He also stressed that the administration will ramp up its supervision to prevent major accidents from happening.

Source: This news is originally published by chinadaily

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