MODE MOBILITY was one of the electric vehicle (EV)-based exhibitors at the Pakistan Auto Show (PAS) in 2022.

First e-bike for women launched in Pakistan

First e-bike for women launched in Pakistan , One of the electric vehicle (EV)-based prospects at the Pakistan Auto Show (PAS) 2022 was Mode Mobility. The aforementioned business, a Karachi-based startup, was one of more than 150 exhibitors at PAS 2022 at the Lahore Expo Centre. It was at this occasion that Mode Mobility debuted their C-Series 2-Wheeler to the general public. The design was first made public by the corporation in January 2022 on Instagram. Unlike many other electric scooters on the market, which are Chinese CBUs or CKDs, Mode Mobility’s C-Series scooters are entirely designed and constructed in Pakistan. Even though the Mode Mobility team emphasised that the displayed equipment were early prototypes, they exuded exceptional quality and dependability.

The e-bike back wheel is driven by a single electric motor. It has a driving range of 75 kilometres and a top speed of up to 75 kilometres. The C-Series scooter comes with a choice of a 1- or 2-kilowatt electric motor and a 2-kilowatt-hour battery pack. According to Shah Talha Sohail, CEO of Mode Mobility, in addition to the C-Series, the company is also developing a number of other devices geared at other market niches. The C-Series is primarily aimed at the 125cc sector and is made to give women another form of mobility. Co-Founder and CPO Syed Najiullah Hussaini also mentioned that the company is now putting up the assembly plant, setting up the regulatory approvals, and testing and optimising the product and production processes in preparation for production to begin early next year. The scooters were displayed at PAPS 2022 in order to ascertain how the market would react to the C-Series design and specifications. The public’s reaction to our design has been overwhelmingly good and, in fact, better than we had anticipated, according to Salman Aftab, Head of Automotive Design at Mode Mobility.

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