Parliamentary Secretary Science and Technology, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Rubaba Khan Buledi on Tuesday expressing grave concern over the increasing mother mortality rate in Balochistan lauded the technical support of WHO for preventing MMR in the province.

WHO echnical Support For Preventing MMR In Balochistan Lauded

“In order to address the alarming situation of MMR in Balochistan, the draft law is being finalized and after the completion of the legal formalities by the health department, this bill will be tabled in the legislative assembly,” She expressed these views here on Tuesday while talking to Regional Head of World Health Organization Quetta Dr. Asfand Yar Shirani, consultant Anam Arif, and Deputy Head of MNCH Balochistan Dr. Sarmad Saeed. Detailed deliberation was made on the proposed draft law to prevent MMR related deaths and government preventive measures made in this connection so far. Buledi said that the rate of stunting among children in Pakistan is the highest in the world.

“Mothers who were malnourished in their childhood gave birth to children without undergoing any rehabilitation program to improve their physical disorder,” she said fearing that this has serious consequences for the expectant mother and the newborn child, and consequently the entire family. Due to limited resources, poverty and lack of awareness about the nutritional needs of pregnant women, poor women don’t gain the required wait, consequently, malnourished women give birth to children who are smaller and weaker, and are more likely to die from even minor illnesses. Dr. Rubaba Khan Buledi said that there is a dire need for legislation to prevent maternal mortality. She underlined the need for early tabling of the bill as saying all out efforts were being made to finalize the proposed law as soon as possible.

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