The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) becomes the first-ever regulatory body and public sector organization to enable WeChat service.

SECP Launches WeChat Service To Facilitate Chinese Investors

The WeChat service will help the Chinese investors in making informed investment decisions and easily incorporate companies in Pakistan. Through WeChat, users can instantly get information from SECP personnel regarding name availability and company incorporation in Mandarin language, said a press release issued here. This initiative is part of SECP’s ongoing efforts to build a culture of digitalization and enhance user experience.

The use of WeChat is already prevalent in jurisdictions including Singapore, Malaysia and it is paving its way into Europe and South America. With China becoming a global financial powerhouse, it is more important than ever to enable communication with Chinese investors as it is one of Pakistan’s top trading partners. SECP’s WeChat Service will enable users to exchange messages, documents, images and payments for complete support and solution. The service can be accessed at any time, on the stated number “03069365625” or WeChat ID “SECPAK” to directly connect with SECP facilitation officer.

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