When are your gadgets going to no longer hold a charge and what happens when they do?

Gadget graveyard We found the hidden death dates on popular devices

Gadget , We analyzed the potential life span of 14 popular consumer electronic products by digging up the often-hidden specifications of their built-in rechargeable batteries. All manufacturers have to deal with the same constraints of lithium batteries that hold less charge with repeat use. Each is designed for a typical number of complete recharges, known as cycles, and can die quickly after it falls below 80 percent capacity.

Some Gadget devices are designed for their batteries to be repaired or replaced while others must just be thrown away. Of course, how long your batteries will last depends on how often you use them and even how you recharge them. Our estimates are for heavy users, the kinds of people who use a product regularly for work or play. For more information on how we calculated our estimated life spans, see the methodology section at the bottom of the page. Let us know what your experience has been with these products we’ll continue to update this page if we get more information.

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