The Google Play Store just received a new logo as a part of its tenth anniversary celebration. We first started seeing changes emerge early last month in apps like Google Pay, before slowly trickling out further and further across our phones.

The Google Play Store's logo redesign has come for your notifications

Google Play Store’s logo , A more subdued color palette helps it attempt to align itself better with the logo colors of Google’s other apps and services, and now we’re catching wind of another subtle change to the logo, with a tweak to its appearance in notifications. The new Google Play Store notification logo now looks almost like an inside-out version of its predecessor. The notification box displays a transparent version of the Play Store symbol, the shape of which is highlighted with some line-art styling. It looks pretty nice, and like the previous symbol, has a simple, neutral feel to it. That’s in stark contrast to some other recent Google redesigns, which seemed to emphasize color saturation.

We don’t imagine we’re anywhere near seeing the end of the debate over whether this change was really necessary, Google Play Store’s logo just like the tweaks to the Chrome logo. Meanwhile, the Play Store is taking steady steps to enable further privileges for its consumers. It is currently testing a new way to redeem Play Store points for a wider range of products. Moreover, policy changes are aiming to reduce app spam, as well as enhance user privacy protections. While minor tweaks to logo designs and notifications can be good for rebranding, it is these functional improvements that will really be key to creating effective and long-lasting change for users.

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