WoW Health, with the power of 350,000+ US specialist doctors, has brought Second Opinion Service in Pakistan.  350,000+ specialists that cater to 70+ specialties, will provide expert opinion on complex health

Largest Online Second Opinion Service with US Doctors in Pakistan launched

conditions like spinal deformities, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, cancers, etc. The patient has to submit their medical report to the WoW Health, and their team takes care of the rest.  Second opinion can generate a whole new treatment plan, or just peace of mind.  Dealing with health issues can be one of the most difficult and challenging situations to face. As soon as a patient is diagnosed with a medical condition and they have received treatment recommendations, important decisions have to be made. “WoW Health’s Second Opinion service provides access to top-notch specialist doctors in the US for rare and complex diseases.” Said Founder & Managing Director of WoW Health Pakistan, Sikandar Zaman. 

He explained his reason for bringing this service to Pakistan, “With all the technological and medical advancements in the US, specialist doctors there have a better chance of offering potential alternative treatment options for complex diseases.” WoW Health is a health management company that aims to bring accessibility and affordability in the healthcare sector. Home health services from PMC certified doctors, doctor on call, home sampling and many other services are available digitally.

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