NICVD consists of 10 hospitals across Sindh that provide cost-efficient diagnosis and treatment to a vast amount of the Pakistan population free of charge

Free services at NICVD set the standard in Sindh

The National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) has been leading by example for the past 50 plus years through its exceptional work throughout the region of Sindh. The Executive Director, Professor, Nadeem Qamar, and his hard-working, diligent team have provided exceptional innovative services to those in dire need of it, regardless of their socio-economic status. Some of their inspiring services include an accurate diagnosis for patients, education for upcoming nurses and practitioners and training programmes among many other endeavors. This is without mentioning the provided treatment for patients with serious challenges pertaining to anything to do with the heart, from cardiomyopathies and arrhythmia to angina, stroke and even the installation of pacemakers, all free of cost.

NICVD consists of 10 hospitals across Sindh that provide cost-efficient diagnosis and treatment to a vast amount of the Pakistan population free of charge. The institute demonstrates its great care for patients in multiple ways. For example, after performing advanced surgical procedures, instead of simply sending patients on their way, the institute offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for their patients through its world-class aftercare. From having the appropriate means of diagnosis, such as state-of-the-art X-Ray machines to being able to have the appropriate means of treating them, NICVD proves its reliability in this regard for all its patients. One of NICVD’s most outstanding services has to be their establishment of several chest-pain units across Sindh, so much so that the innovation won an award for ‘Service Innovation of the Year’ presented by Health Care Asia. The 24 units have been extremely helpful and crucial for treating patients swiftly and have been a primary reason for saving hundreds of thousands of lives in potentially life-endangering circumstances. Innovations such as this allow NICVD to stand apart from other institutions in Sindh, making them a benchmark for others nationally.

NICVD’s education program is notable for the variety of courses they offer to anyone willing to be dedicated in the field. They include clinical fellowship and post-fellowship programmes, undergraduate electives/rotations, as well as postgraduate diplomas in cardiology for those seeking a medical route in different stages of their respective careers. They heavily encourage aspiring nurses and physicians to join their training programs. This initiative is both promising and rewarding for the future of our nation with NICVD creating opportunities for upcoming generations. Internally, NICVD is prospering. The organisation of the institute from the staff to the wings of the hospital itself has been a large factor in its current success. This is illustrated blatantly through various technical and high-pressure treatments, such as heart bypass surgeries that are now being performed with increased confidence and frequency. The institute is divided into surgical and medical wings for a more efficient way of treating patients, and the emergency unit is vitally open 24/7 for treating patients as well. A solid structure alongside team collaboration allows NICVD to treat numerous patients with the utmost care and quality, even with services being required at a more rapid rate.

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