Mirroring an iPhone screen on TV is one of those features that makes you say technology has, indeed, come so far. Gone are the days when you’d require bundles of knotted cable to display your phone on a larger screen. Now, with just a few taps, iPhones can share their screen with TVs and other displays.

Wireless streaming: How to mirror iPhone to TV? Screen mirroring vs screen casting

Screen mirror can be used to stream photos or videos from your phone to a smart TV. The wireless streaming is especially helpful with live stream videos on social media which usually cannot be accessed on a television screen. Twitch, Instagram and even TikTok have the option to live stream nowadays so here’s how you can tune into your favorite streamers on TV. Sometimes users might get confused about the difference between screen mirroring and screen casting since they’re so similar. Screen mirror is used to show the exact movements of your iPhone or other device’s screen on a larger display such as a TV in the same room. The destination display duplicates your device exactly.

Screen casting another feature that commonly exists with screen mirroring in phones, tablets and more – refers to casting a video from your device to a display and continuing to use the device without interrupting the video. For example, you can cast a video from your phone to a TV while still being able to use your phone to text someone back. The texting will not affect the video playing on the TV.

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