Deputy Director (DD) Agriculture Pest Warning Dr Amir Rasool has said that growers should take necessary steps to save their cotton crop, as stagnant rainwater was harmful for it. During a visit to cotton crops in Faisalabad on Saturday,

Stagnant Rainwater Harmful For Cotton Crop Official

He said that the growth of cotton plants stops when rainwater accumulates and remains stagnant in the crop for more than 48 hours. This water also causes mushroom growth of weeds which causes losses to crops. Therefore, farmers should immediately drain out rainwater from the cotton crop within 24 hours in addition to using suitable spray after consulting agri experts to save their crop from ill-impact of rainfall and weeds. He said that first fortnight of August were very crucial for cotton corps as pests also attacked the crop. Growers should also take appropriate measures in addition to conducting pest scouting twice a week to save their crops from pest attacks,

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