e-Pay Punjab, developed by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) for Punjab Finance Department, has collected a staggering revenue of PKR 100 Billion+ against 19.5 Million+ transactions to date. e-Pay Punjab has also added Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Fee to its services making it the 24th levy on its portfolio.

e-Pay Punjab Hits another Landmark: PKR 100 Billion+ Collected; PPSE Levy Added

PPSC integration with e-Pay Punjab will allow potential candidates to pay online the fees for job tests as part of the hiring process for government jobs. Offering online payment of 24 taxes/levies for 11 different departments, e-Pay Punjab has collected a total revenue of PKR 13.6 Billion+ through Token Tax, PKR 63 Billion+ through Sales Tax on Services, PKR 4.5 Billion+ through Traffic Challan, PKR 9.5 Billion+ through Property Tax and PKR 1.71 Billion+ through Route Permit. e-Pay Punjab is a flagship project of PITB in collaboration with Punjab Finance Department. Automation of online tax payment system through e-Pay has made government collections easier by making the payments process prompt and hassle-free through a number of payment channels.

Paying PPSC fee thorough e-Pay Punjab will ensure transparency and convenience by replacing the traditional payment system. The user-friendly interface of e-Pay allows the candidates to swiftly fill in the required information, generate a 17-digit PSID code and make the online payment. E-Pay also allows payments to be made via ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Phone Banking or over the counter by visiting the nearest 1Link member banks. Applicants can also deposit the fees using Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, U-paisa and other microfinance banks.

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