Diarrhea outbreak has emerged in the capital territory as 2157 cases have been reported in the last 30 days, NIH sources said. Severe diarrehea outbreak has emerged in Islamabad

Severe diarrehea outbreak in Islamabad

Diarrehea outbreak According to details, most Diarrhea cases have been reported from rural areas of Islamabad. However, 90% of patients did not need to be admitted to the hospital, NIH sources said. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) sources no death has been reported due to Diarrhea while most cases have been reported in Poly Clinic hospital Islamabad.Severe diarrehea outbreak in Islamabad A total of 991 cases were reported in Poly Clinic Hospital in the last week, out of which 324 were children.

A total of 245 cases were reported in PIMS hospital in the last week. Moreover, 21 cases of Cholera were also reported in Islamabad in the current season. While no deaths have been reported due to Cholera or Diarrhea, NIH sources said. Earlier in May, amid continuing heatwave conditions, a health crisis is brewing in Lahore with hundreds of Diarrhea, typhoid, and other diseases patients reported at the city’s hospitals. Pakistan was in the grip of a blistering heatwave, with parts of the nation already scorched by temperatures of nearly 50C as officials warn of acute water shortages and a threat to health.

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