The Irrigation Deptt has cleaned 15 major flood drains in Quetta on an emergency basis to ensure uninterrupted flow of water ahead of the predicted spell of monsoon rains.

Irrigation Deptt Cleans 15 Major Flood Drains In Quetta

Irrigation Deptt , The official sources of the department, on Saturday, said that more than 8,000 acre feet of water had been stored in 40 small check dams located in the vicinity of Quetta city, while the spillways of Sira Ghargai dam had been opened. There was no truth in the news of the Sira Ghargai dam breaking. There were 15 major flood drains through which the rainwater of rains and floodwater passes. The engineers and other staff of the department ensured the flow of water by removing some encroachments on the drains in Eastern Bypass, Takhtani Bypass, Pashtunabad, Kharotabad and other areas,

Irrigation Deptt , The sources said that the department was making efforts to clean the drains and remove the encroachments, but it was also facing difficulties due to lack of funds. Two dumpers had been hired on rent which were being operated day and night to clean the drains and remove debris. They said that the area of Shaban was receiving torrential rains, and the Irrigation Depttt had instructed the people to immediately move to safe places.

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