As if it wasn’t addictive enough already, TikTok is now testing a new feature that lets users play video games from within the app. As reported by TechCrunch, TikTok has started a pilot program in recent weeks with a number of partners. The partners behind the “MiniGames” include game developers such as Voodoo, Nitro Games, FRVR, and Aim Lab.

A bunch of games are hiding in your TikTok app right now

Back in May, Reuters reported that TikTok was planning its “big push into gaming” to boost advertising revenue and keep users on the app longer. At the time, only a few games were being tested, but TikTok has added several more as part of the pilot. You can add a game to your post during the creation process. Before you post a video, tap on the “Add link” button. Scroll down the list and tap on “MiniGame” to link your video to a minigame.

Eight games showed up on TikTok when we tried this:

Basketball FRVR
Tap The Difference
Peek a Who
Pride Run
Influencer Run
Space Destroyer
Mr. Aim Lab’s Nightmare
Kitten Force FRVR

They’re all relatively simplistic mobile games that you can play with taps and swipes. Don’t expect these minigames to rival the likes of Fortnite or Pokemon Go. Of course, TikTok is not trying to compete with any major titles if the minigame keeps you on the TikTok app for an extra minute or two, then the feature has done its job. If you want to try one of the games out for yourself, tap on the link in the tweet below from your phone. As long as you have TikTok installed on your phone, that link should direct you straight to the video. Right above the account name, you should see a link that reads “Play Mr. Aim Lab’s Nightmare on TikTok.” If you click that link, the game will pop up within the TikTok app. Tap through the prompts and hit “Start” to begin the game.

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