Tech companies from around the world are showcasing their latest consumer products at the Hainan Expo 2022. We have picked some of the most hyped gadgets to give you a glimpse of the latest trends in the Chinese market.

These tech-savvy products got hyped up at Hainan Expo

Tech-savvy products, The Hainan Expo, though only being held for the second time, has already become an attractive channel for companies to release brand new products. Chinese AI giant iFLYTEK introduced their fourth model of AI translator, which features a dual-screen design, enabling visual experiences for both sides of a dialogue. The translator can process 16 languages without an internet connection, and 83 languages with online help. The company also released a hearing aid device featuring mid-range pricing, trying to fill the gap between cheap but low-grade products and high-end but expensive luxuries.

Chinese carmaker Chery Automobile joined hands with online sales giant to introduce an online car-purchasing experience under what they call the “iCar” ecosystem, enabling drivers to buy cars online like clothes or electronics. Tech-savvy products People can now pre-order the company’s new “Wujie Pro” EV on More companies chose to showcase their products in the display areas. Carmaker Xiaopeng is not only introducing their EVs but is also offering a manned drone for visitors to try. Drones are called “unmanned aircraft” in Chinese language, making a manned drone sound awkward and attractive at the same time. The drone looks like a giant four-axis drone combined with a supercar. Visitors have to line up to get into it and feel the experience. U.S. computer giant Dell decided to attract video game lovers with their “esports capsule.” They added an over-the-head arm-like display mount to an esports chair, making it an all-in-one station for more immersive gaming.

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