The NED University of Engineering and Technology has added three new engineering programs including Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Sciences to the admission policy for the new academic session of 2023.

NED University Introduces More Modern Engineering Degrees

According to the details, these will be regular degree programs and the administration has allocated a total of 150 seats, with admissions beginning on July 30. The administration has also moved the deadline for submitting admission forms for NED University 32 departments to July 29, while the 6-day entrance exam will begin on July 30.It has been decided that students who couldn’t do well in the first attempt can take the entrance exam again, which will begin on August 21 in the second phase.

Speaking on the development, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Tufail Ahmed, said that the university has already received more than 12,000 admission applications following the extension of the form submission deadline by three days. He added that the first stage entrance test would run through August 4 and that the results would be made public on the final day of the test while 3,000 candidates would take the test each day, which would be administered online in various university labs. It is worth noting that 2,849 seats are allotted for 32 departments at NED University. The weightage for entry test stands at 50% while the remaining 50% is set for first year marks. In response to a question, Dr. Tufail stated that new programs in artificial intelligence, cyber security, and data sciences have been allocated 50 seats each, with 631 seats under self-finance out of the total 2,849 seats.

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