The government has increased surveillance for monkeypox after World Health Organisation (WHO) declared it a public health emergency, a spokesperson of the Ministry of National Health Services said.

Pakistan increases surveillance for monkeypox after WHO alert

Pakistan increases surveillance for monkeypox after WHO alert , Monkeypox is a virus similar to smallpox that causes fever, swollen lymph nodes and distinctive rashes on the face, palms, the soles of the feet and genitalia. The virus is spreading primarily among men who have sex with men, research has shown. Close sexual contact was responsible for transmission in 95 percent of cases, a recent paper It can be a serious disease with a case fatality rate of around 3-6 percent, although the vast majority of people manage to recover at home without hospitalisation or medication.

Meanwhile, a meeting was also held at the ministry to discuss the latest situation on the matter. Chaired by Minister for Health Abdul Qadir Patel, it was attended by Health Special Secretary Nasir ud-Din Mashhood, Health Wing Director General Shabana Saleem and representatives of the interior ministry and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). During the meeting, Patel said an effective surveillance regime has been installed to arrest the spread of disease. “All hospitals have been instructed to take necessary measures for the disease,” The outbreak, which epidemiologists believe initially began in mid-spring gatherings of gay and bisexual men in Europe, has since alarmed such experts by ballooning to over 19,000 cases worldwide. “All the national and provincial health authorities have been advised to remain on high alert for any suspected case of monkeypox as the government has started taking effective measures to prevent the disease

Increases surveillance for monkeypox after WHO alert He said international health regulations related to the disease will be fully implemented in Pakistan as well. “The government would continue its work as per the guidelines of WHO,” he said. The health ministry has issued instructions to all stakeholders, especially border health services, to strictly monitor the suspected cases at all points of entry in the country and ensure an effective monitoring regime. The screening of all incoming passengers will be ensured particularly passengers coming from African nations, Patel told the meeting. The minister has also directed the coronavirus response body, National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), to ensure regular monitoring of the monkeypox situation in the country along with Covid-19 infections. A spokesperson of the ministry said the situation is being closely monitored by the health authorities.

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