Huawei Technologies Co unveiled an updated version of its self-developed operating system, the HarmonyOS 3.0, on Wednesday, as the Chinese tech heavyweight works to build a robust software ecosystem amid United States government restrictions.

Huawei unveils operating system update

Yu Chengdong, chief executive officer of Huawei’s device business group, said more than 300 million of the company’s devices have now been equipped with HarmonyOS, which makes it the world’s fastest-growing operating system. Meanwhile, more than 170 million third-party products that are equipped with HarmonyOS Connect for internet of things, or IoT, have also been shipped out of factories to retailers across China,

Yu said. HarmonyOS was first unveiled in August 2019, after the US government restricted Huawei’s access to Google’s Android operating system. But Huawei has underlined that HarmonyOS is not a replacement to Android. Instead, it is a next-generation OS designed for the IoT era and will seek to deliver a smooth experience across different devices. HarmonyOS has already been used in a wide range of devices including smartphones, PCs, tablets, smartwatches, and smart home appliances such as ovens. Huawei also developed an in-car version of the HarmonyOS for electric vehicles it co-produced with Chinese carmaker Seres.

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