In order to better understand how exercise affects the protein content of the muscles, Hostrup et al. chose eight healthy, untrained male participants for their research. They underwent five weeks of high-intensity cycling training.

Scientists Discover How You Can Improve Your Metabolism

Researchers find how skeletal muscle adjusts to high-intensity interval training, including alterations to mechanisms crucial for controlling metabolism and muscular contraction. Research recently published in eLife has provided fresh insight into the effects of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on human skeletal muscle. According to the study, HIIT increases the number of skeletal muscle proteins crucial for energy metabolism and muscular contraction and chemically alters important metabolic proteins. These findings may help to explain how HIIT boosts metabolism and open the door to further research on the influence of exercise on these processes.

“Exercising has many beneficial effects that can help prevent and treat metabolic diseases, and this is likely the result of changes in energy use by skeletal muscles. We wanted to understand how exercise alters the muscles’ protein content and how it regulates the activity of these proteins through a chemical reaction called acetylation,” says first and co-corresponding author Morten Hostrup, Associate Professor at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise, and Sports at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Acetylation occurs when a member of the small molecule group, acetyl, combines with other molecules and can affect the behavior of proteins. The scientists enlisted eight healthy, untrained male volunteers for their study, who underwent five weeks of intense cycling training. The guys exercised three times each week, cycling for four minutes at a target heart rate of more than 90% of their maximum, followed by a two-minute break. Each session, they went through this process four to five times.

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