LOADe is an innovative new company that has created Pakistan’s first full Logistics and Delivery Ecosystem. The business just started up slowly in Karachi, Pakistan, in February 2022.

LOADe is Pakistan’s first logistics platform

At its core, LOADe was made to solve many of the problems in a sector that is known for being disorganised by making an integrated solution. Built not only to give customers the best experience possible. We’re trying to improve the customer experience, open up more doors, and give more back to driver communities. LOADe’s solution is a new way for businesses and people to send goods securely (using containers or small packages) through a singl. To make sure that all of our partners (businesses, customers, and drivers) feel safe. Our app has live tracking, messaging, traceability, and a number of tools for interacting with customer service. Data security and the ability to track it are important features that give registered users the most confidence.

LOADe is the only logistics and delivery company that focuses on all four kinds of transactions (i.e., B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C). With an easy-to-understand, scalable, and asset-light business model, LOADe wants to cover the whole country and expand to new areas. Our ecosystem gives logistics and delivery service providers the chance to work together. We want to expand LOADe into a firm that fixes a sector. So we’re building a disruptive business model with a cutting-edge product. A committed workforce, and a system that benefits all partners.

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