George Long began his career with OPPO in 2002. Before his current appointment as Chief Executive Officer of OPPO Pakistan Authorized Distributor in 2015, he served as CEO of OPPO Xinjiang Authorized Distributor.

Interview with George Long - CEO, OPPO Pakistan Authorized Distributor

OPPO appeared in the Pakistani smartphone market in 2014 and since then has created a massive presence in cities across the country. Under George Long tutelage, ss Authorized Distributor has expanded its retail network to more than 5000 points of sales and 17 service centers nationwide, providing job opportunities to over 4000 employees of which 99 percent of the people hired are local talents. OPPO came to the Pakistani market and is now the most preferred smartphone brand in Pakistan. We are providing high-quality products and innovations that are contributing to a better life. We aim for rapid expansion of the OPPO footprint. OPPO is known for good camera quality, which grew our young fan base, making the F-Series popular among them.We have built our first assembling line in Lahore in 2021. Our brand proposition is “Inspiration Ahead”. It shows confidence and poise when we are moving forward. It encourages us to remain resolved and graceful as brave as a storm and break stagnation. More importantly “Inspiration Ahead” is a joint action of OPPO and all climbers.

We are the most preferred smartphone brand in Pakistan. According to the recent Canalys analysis, OPPO remains in a steady position among the top 5 smartphone vendors in Pakistan. Our recent F21 Pro Series device was loved by the people, and it was one of the most sought-after devices in the market due to the industry first – feature-rich technology it carries. Our key differentiation is “inspiration ahead” signifying the persona of our brand. To realize such inspiration, we research the usability of technology such as a non-crease hinge of foldable phone segment. George Long said The brand is bringing to the forefront technology that delivers a step-change to exemplify dynamic and exhilarating experiences. George Long said We never compromise on the quality as OPPO promises to deliver a mutually inspirational yet technological innovation experience with our global users. Our F series is very popular among users because it is positioned as a companion for young people to express their individuality.

OPPO is the pioneer and leader in flash charge technology development. Since the launch of the first flash charge product in 2014, we have been leading the innovation in this technology. With the flash charge technology, a smartphone can run video games for 4 hours after being charged for 5 minutes. OPPO VOOC flash charger completes charging four times faster than a standard charger. Our unique low-voltage flash charge technology has created a new epoch in charging. Low-voltage charging is faster, safer, and generates less heat. We have launched the Flash Initiative to extend the use of flash charge technology to automobiles, shared power banks, household appliances, public spaces, and chips. For this technology, we have filed 3,200 plus patent applications and have been granted 1,600 plus patents. So far, we have licensed our VOOC patents to more than 40 partners. And since 2012 we have optimized the imaging performance continuously to enrich the photography and videography experiences of our users so they get unprecedentedly powerful computing energy efficiency, industry-leading Ultra HDR capabilities, lossless real-time RAW calculation, and RGBW Pro that maximizes sensor capabilities.

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