A delegation of Prime Waste Energy Ltd, Thailand, interested in the establishment of Waste-based and energy projects, will meet Federal Minister for Board of Investment (BoI), Ch Salik Hussain on Thursday (today).

Waste-based and energy projects Thai delegation to meet BoI minister today

Prime Waste Energy, (PWE) a subsidiary wholly owned by Prime Road Power Public Limited Company (PRIME), Thailand, works as an international developer, owner, operator of alternative energy projects in Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan and Japan. According to official communication, the company has shared a “technical proposal of 50 MW, Waste-based and energy projects waste to energy power plant at Lahore via Prime Road Alterative Co., Ltd. Thailand a subsidiary of the PRIME with Punjab Power Development Board (PPDB) on March 9, 2022.

Further, the PRIME is in process to formulate a technical proposal plan of 30 MW (hybrid) biomass/solar for Punjab at the suggestion of the PPDB. Since Pakistan’s power shortfall has reappeared in headlines of international media, a number of companies from United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait and others have shown an interest in setting Waste-based and energy projectsof renewable energy projects in Pakistan. A few companies, sources said, have written letters directly to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who has sent those communications to the Power Division for consideration.

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